How to write up a lab

how to write up a lab

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It is often best to store chemicals in glass vials labeled with their formula and percent concentration. You should keep chemicals with  large containers in their respective areas and only store a small sample of it in your lab. This will save space and time. You will find yourself not having a certain chemical at some point in your amateur chemist career, so i will try to list the most useful chemicals to collect in my opinion. Chemicals to store: -Alcohol -butane -hydrogen Peroxide -glycerin -Clorox Bleach -salt -distilled Water -potassium Chloride (salt substitute) -White vinegar -Ammonia -acetone -hydrochloric Acid -sulfuric Acid (certain brands of drain opener or at a local auto shop) -borax -Ammonium nitrate (from instant cold packs) -baking Soda. Vbvxm1O3Mtqy -stump remover  (potassium nitrate) -potassium permanganate -sugar - battery Chemicals (best obtained from a 6v battery manganese dioxide (found in batteries) Zinc metal Carbon Electrode Step 6: heat source heating: Intrinsic to chemistry is a source of heat to carry out more reaction. I bought a camping lantern at walmart and modified it as an alcohol burner. You can also make a cheap alcohol stove as I later explain on step.

How to, write a, lab

One instance where glass may not be the best option is when sodium hydroxide is involved. This slowly reacts with glass, so be wary of the instructions in such cases. In cases where glass is reactive, teflon or other plastic containers are used. Recycled: i use spice vials, jars, and some bottles to store different chemicals and sometimes use them as reaction flasks. New: I found flasks with corks at the michael's arts and crafts store for 99 cents. I've boiled substances in these over my alcohol burner and heated sulfuric acid in them - with no breakage. You song will have to buy test tubes, beakers, and graduated cylinders from a lab retailer if you need them. They are also sold as kits at Hobby lobby. Check your local hobby stores for similar items. Step 5: Chemicals be wary of the safety and storage measures for handling certain chemicals.

Have your favorite flask out. take pride in your work. How many people have the opportunity to have a lab in their house? Step 4: Glassware Glass Containers/Reaction Vessels: Glass is certainly a very important material for carrying out experiments. Quality depends on its makeup- borosilicate glass being the most widely used in labs. Only certain types of glass should be used for heating. If you bought lab-grade lost glass, then you should have no problem heating. However, it is often difficult to determine the makeup of standard glass used in bottles and jars. Normally, the bottles you've recycled should be safe to carry out most reactions.

how to write up a lab

Report - steps and Template

Environment: It is always a good idea to build your lab near a window or well ventilated area. Make sure that you save space by using organizers as depicted in my mini lab setup. Good lighting is important when carrying out experiments. It's also a good idea to have a designated area outside of your house for experiments which may require. Always know what you are doing in an experiment, as it may not be stated explicitly that gas products may form. Lab Aesthetics: A poorly conceived lab will just look like clutter. It is important to make it stand out - it will add a very nice vibe to your house. You should store large containers out of sight and only have a few chemicals on display. Also an eye-catcher is clean and shiny equipment.

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how to write up a lab

How, to, write, up a, lab

Remember that a safety shower and wash station is readily available in the home in the form of a shower, sink, or hose. Please watch this video, as it is very comprehensive on home chemistry safety: Home Science safety video acids/Bases: An acid contributes hydrogen cations (protons) to a solution, whereas a base donates an electron pair (this is a simplified definition). When diluting an acid, pour the acid into water (or base). A video introduction on acids man and bases (30 min). Waste: The lab must be meticulously clean while not in use. There must be two separate waste receptacles: one plastic pail for hazardous waste (i.e., broken glass, flammable substances ) and another for regular waste. For hazardous chemicals, methods of disposing are usually on the labels of bottles.

If in doubt, fast do some research on local recycling and collecting centers. Labeling: make sure to always label chemicals stored in vials correctly. A rigorous approach would require that molar concentrations and safety information also be labeled. Also label storage compartments with their contents (see picture). These compartments would vary depending on the scope of each lab, though a good rule is to store tools and spare parts separately.

distilling Apparatus (I will make a separate instructable for this one). wire Stands -wire test Tube holder -a scale of reasonable accuracy, such as in food scales. Of course, this is not a complete list of things you will end up needing, only some essential ones. Step 3: Organization and Safety Organization is crucial in a laboratory. A good way to store utensils is to separate them into materials,. Rubber, scrap metal, scrap glass, chemicals, etc.

The more meticulous one is, the easier it will become to locate needed materials for a procedure. There are certain safety rules you must follow, and these should be present within a given procedure. As a general rule,  always use chemical gloves, an old coat, and safety goggles. Do not drink or eat during a procedure. Use closed toe shoes (no sandals). Also, experiments producing gas should be done outside or under a ventilation directing device.

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To set up a lab, a good way to start is to scavenge your garage, kitchen, etc. Also, you must start a collection of sorts,. Keeping in mind not to throw away that liquor bottle you just finished. Of course, you will end up needing to shop for some of these - a great deal of these items are readily available at the dollar store. Look for these easily accessible items: -glass jars -glass bottles -glass vase -metal or plastic tubes (i.e. From pens -wire hangers : you can shape these into a number of useful contraptions with pliers -ash tray : for dealing with molten glass or igniting a substance. aluminum cans: top can be cut off with a can opener and used as a container. spice vials -plastic containers and organizers -latex, neoprene, or nitrile gloves -boxes (for storing) -knife -razors role -sponges -rags or old clothing for cleaning/polilshing -cloth pins -glass or steel rod -scrap wood -school supply boxes -clamps -lighters/matches -super glue -corks michaels) -candles -toothbrush -as cleaning utensil. Brasso metal Polish (optional - some applications for aesthetics as well as improvised apparatuses) - goo gone ( or any functional label remover, such as rubbing alcohol) -beaker - flasks michaels) -rubber chair tips walmart) -test tubes hobby lobby) -aquarium tubing walmart ) or vinyl.

how to write up a lab

where you want to take me examples of great goals are as follows: - i want to teach myself chemistry and I will take up home chemistry. i will create a semblance of a lab in the summer so that I can take up chemistry as a hobby. i will create a lab environment for homeschooling. i will create a temporary lab for the upcoming science fair in order to work comfortably in a home environment. i want to augment my own home lab by extracting some ideas from this instructable. Once you come up with your own goal, it's time to start on a scientific journey. Step 2: Materials and tools, the first step in any procedure should be to collect the materials needed.

In order to keep that desire for knowledge kindled, you must constantly ask yourself questions, such as "what is an acid?" or "what happens when bread rises?". More rigorous questions in the area of chemistry are of the form : "Can I make x compound from household items? Will X react with Y to form Z? Can short I purify this compound? Can I find if this household product contains X compound?" and. If you want a great foundation for the science, there are a variety of resources out there. Did you know you can take a course at mit for free?

How, to, write, up, lab

Step 1: About the home Chemistry lab. On Chemistry: Chemistry is a fascinating and beautiful subject. It is also very complex and the source of your many headaches. The fact that you are reading this demonstrates you harbor a certain curiosity for it already. Or maybe you've randomly stumbled into this instructable by fate. In any case, the first step to starting your lab at home is planting the seed of curiosity for the subject. Get to know the subject at the level you want by visiting your library or through online research. Curiosity is like a fire- it will die if not sustained.

How to write up a lab
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