How to write hello in thai

how to write hello in thai

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ende, ; Hello world in vp assembler for intent (Amiga Anywhere).include 'tao' tool 'home/hello vp, tf_main,8192,0 ent (-:-) qcall lib/print hello_world. P : i) ret entend data hello_world:. Ascii_LF,0 toolend ; Hello world in Assembler for the win32 architecture title hello world in win32. Tasm version t310 Model use32 Flat, StdCall start_code segment byte public 'code' use32 begin: Call MessageBox, 0, offset sHallo, offset caption, 0 Call ExitProcess, 0 start_code Ends start_data segment byte public 'data' use32 sHallo db 'hello world 0 caption db "Hi 0 start_data Ends End begin. Line numbers and comments are removed by the human who punches the source text. Dp zz 0 x 5 da 0 zz 0 di 0 2b 1 a set address increment to 1 3- 1 2a 5 zz 0 c p load next character to a 2 6y 2 xp print it 3 y 2t 1. 1965) 'begin' tel'1 000 000 tty8 M24: goto start) M(64TTY*4 tar: M(6438*4 tpar: M'400 start: A:hello descr " point to I/O descriptor tar0A " set address of string tar1-A " set ift -1 AD18 tar2a afon(TTY) " send the message loop: goto loop) " spin. ; That means that this should work on svi, msx, colecovision, memotech, ; and many other Z80 based home computers or game consoles.

How to say love in, thai : 7 Steps (with Pictures

Jms type / type. Isz count / done yet? Jmp next / no: type another. Hlt type, 0 / type subroutine tsf jmp.-1 tls cla jmp i type charac. used as initial value of ir1 310 / H 305 / E 314 / L 314 / L 317 / O 254 /, 240 / 327 / W 317 / O 322 / R 314 / L 304 / D 241 /! M6, -15 count, 0 ir1 10 ; Hello book world in Assembler for the darwin Power-pc. Align 2 msg:.asciz "Hello world! Text.align.globl _start _start: li r0,4 li r3,1 lis r4,ha16(msg) ori the r4,r4,lo16(msg) li r5,len sc li r0,1 li r3,0 sc! Hello world in sparc assembly language. Section ".data1".align.L16:.ascii "hello worldn0".section ".text".global main main: save sp,-96,sp set. L16,o0 call printf,1 nop restore - hello world in tas assembler for the tr 440 - gm, xba vb616, ssr 6 16, fb616r ende, vb616FB616/ag, 3/h, text/ag, 3/h, text 020Hello world!

Space private, sort16.subspa.align.stringz "Hello world".block.stringz "sn".import global,data. End ; Hello world in Assembler for the dec pdp-11 with the ; rsx-11m-plus operating system ;.title hello. Ident /V0001A/.mcall qiows, exits. Psect code,ro, i start: qiows #5 5 #str, #len, #40 exits. Psect data,ro, d str:.ascii / Hello world!/ len.-str. End start / Hello world in Assembler for the dec pdp-8 *200 essay hello, cla cll tls / tls to set printer flag. Tad charac / set up index register dca ir1 / for getting characters. Tad m6 / set up counter for dca count / typing characters. Next, tad i ir1 / get a character.

how to write hello in thai

Thai with Common Words - sluneč main#.proc main# main:.prologue 14,.save s, resume r33 alloc r33 s, 0, 4, 1,.vframe r34 mov r34 r12 adds r12 -16, r12 mov rp, r32 mov r32.body addl r14 @ltoffx(.hw r1 ; v r14 r14. HW ; st8 r34 r14 ld8 r36 r34 ny b0 puts# mov r1 r35 ; mov s r33 mov b0 r32.restore sp mov r12 r34 ny b0 # Hello word in Assemlber for the mips architecture. Globl main main: jal hwbody #call Hello word Procedure trap 10 #exit hwbody: addi 30, 30,-4 #we need to preserve sw 4, 0(30) #existing values in register 4 addi 4,0,72 # H trap 101 addi 4,0,101 # e trap 101 addi 4,0,108 # l trap. Trap 101 addi 4,0,10 # n trap 101 done: lw 4, 0(30) #restore values addi 30, 30, 4 #in register 4 jr 31 #return to the main * Hello world in Assembler * for the mmix computer loc #100 main geta 255,String trap 0,Fputs, StdOut trap 0,Halt,0. A,0 / Hello world written in pa-risc.0 assembly code. Space text, sort8.subspa main. Entry stw essay r2,-20(r30) ;offset 0x0 ldo 64(r30 r30 ;offset 0x4 addil lr'm3-global, r27,r1 ;offset 0x8 ldo rr'm3-global(r1 r1 ;offset 0xc stw r1,-56(r30) ;offset 0x10 addil lr'm3-global16,r27,r1 ;offset 0x14 ldo rr'm3-global16(r1 r26 ;offset 0x18 ldw -56(r30 r25 ;offset 0x1c ldil l'printf, r31 ;offset argw0gr, argw1gr.

Data msg:.ascii "Hello, world! Text.globl _start _start: mov r0, 1 ldr r1, msg ldr r2, len mov r7, 4 swi 0 mov r0, 0 mov r7, 1 swi 0 ; Hello world in arm code assembler, with risc os software interrupt swi "OS_WriteS" equs "Hello world!" equb 0 align. 15 12 / ; that's cr lf '000000 0 ; flag word to end string.end start ; Hello world for Intel compatible high level Assembler program hello; #include( "stdlib. Hhf" begin hello; stdout. Put Hello world nl end hello; itle 'hello world for ibm assembler/370 (VM/cms hello start balr 12,0 using 12 * wrterm 'hello world!' * sr 15,15 br 14 * end hello ; Hello world for Intel Assembler (msdos) mov ax,cs mov ds, ax mov ah,9. 13,10 hello world for IA64 (Itanium) Assembly. HW: stringz "Hello world".text.

Thai, how to say, hello and goodbye

how to write hello in thai

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00 ; Hello world for 6502 Assembler (C64) ldy #0 beq in loop: jsr ffd2 iny in: lda hello, y bne loop rts hello:.tx "Hello world!".by dealer 13,10,0 ; Hello world in 68000 Assembler for brary (Amiga) move. L.w,a6 jsr -0198(a6) ;OldOpenLibrary move. L #HelloWorld, d1 A) moveq #13,d2 jsr -03AE(a6) ;WriteChars B) jsr -03B4 ;PutStr move. L.w,a6 jsr -019E(a6) rfp ;CloseLibrary. Out rts dos. B 'brary 0 HelloWorld.

A,0 ; Hello world in 68000 Assembler (Atari st) move. L #helloworld,-(A7) move #9,-(A7) trap #1 addq. L #6,A7 move #0,-(A7) trap #1 helloworld:. 0d,0a,0 ; Hello world in 68008 Assembler (Sinclar QL) move. L mess, a1 move. W d0,a2 jsr (a2) rts mess. 10 end - hello world in Assembler for the Intel 8051 (MSC51) Org 0 mov dptr msg mov r0 30h loop: clr a movc a adptr jz end mov @R0,a inc R0 inc dptr sjmp loop end: jmp msg: db 'hello world 0 hello world.

This language has no comments. 'begin' 'comment' hello world in Algol 60; output(4 Hello world! 'end' ( # Hello world in Algol 68 # print Hello world! Newline) ' hello world in Alpha five xbasic ui_msg_box The 'hello world' collection "Hello world ui_attention_symbol) "Comment "Hello world in Amazon States Language "StartAt "Hello world "States "Hello world "Type "Task "Resource "arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1: :function:HelloWorld "End true hello world in amharic (in javascript) @ language"javascript" html. body /html - hello world in Amiga-e proc main is writef hello worldn rem Hello world in amos print "Hello world!" / Hello world in Andl 'hello world!' / Hello world in AngelScript void main print Hello worldn hello world in Anguish. hello world in Ante.

Hello world in the apc language for probes probe program on_entry log hello, world! N hello world in apl 'hello world' - "Hello world" in AppleScript: display dialog "Hello world" / Hello world in the Arduino programming language void setup gin(9600 intln Hello, world! void loop / Hello world in Arena print Hello world! Hello world in Arendelle "Hello, world!" Hello world in Argh! No comment character exists. J world lppppppppppppsrfj hello, * j qPh # Hello world in Arnoldc it's showtime talk to the hand "Hello world" you have been terminated!- hello world for t using C# - @ Page language"c "Hello world!" hello world for Microsoft asp (in javascript) @ language"javascript". body /html!- hello world in asp-vbe (Visual Basic Script Encided) - html script /html hello world for Microsoft asp (in vbscript) @ language"vbscript" html body response. Write "Hello world!" /body /html!- hello world in t - "Hello world!" hello world for apple, merlin assembler strout EQU DB3A ;outputs ay-pointed null terminated string ldy # hello lda # hello jmp strout hello ASC "hello world!

Thai, online, write or Speak in, thai

font / on a frame import HelloWorld; var hw:HelloWorld new HelloWorld( this / Hello essay world in Actionscript (Flash mx onwards) ltiline true; mytext. WordWrap true; rder false; myformat new TextFormat lor 0xff0000; llet false; myformat. tTextFormat(myformat / Hello world in ActionScript. Place code in the first frame Actions. Var t:TextFieldnew TextField. addChild(t - hello world in Ada with Text_IO; procedure hello_World is begin Text_IO. end Hello_World; / Hello world in advpl user Function Hello local cMsg : "Hello, world!" conout(cMsg) MsgInfo(cMsg) Return - hello world in Agda module hello where open import io main run (putStrLn "Hello, world! hello world in aheui.

how to write hello in thai

hello world in 8th "Hello, world! Hello world in abap/4 * write: 'hello world'. hello world in abc write "Hello, world!" / / Hello world in acpi source sexy language Scope method wak) Store hello world debug) Return(Package(2)0x00000000,0) / Hello world in Action Code Script (scripting language for the hexen/Doom game engine) #include "s" script 1 enter print(s Hello world! ; Hello world in Action! Programming language for the Atari 8-Bit computers proc main Printe hello world! return / Hello world in Actionscript (up to Flash 5, ide only) trace hello world / Hello world in ActionScript.0 (Flash 8) class HelloWorld private var helloWorldField:TextField; public function HelloWorld( mc:movieclip ). HelloWorldField tNextHighestDepth 0, 0, 100, 100 tosize "left ml true; mlText ' font size"20" color 0000FF" Hello world!

appleScript Arduino Arena Arendelle Argh! Arnoldc asp (C) asp (javascript) asp (VBE) asp (VBS) t assembler (6502, Apple II) Assembler (6502, C64) Assembler (68000, Amiga) Assembler (68000, Atari ST) Assembler (68008) Assembler (8051) Assembler (arm, Android) Assembler (arm, risc OS) Assembler (dg-nova) Assembler (HLA) Assembler (IBM 370) Assembler (Intel) Assembler (Itanium) Assembler (mips) Assembler (mmix) Assembler (pa-risc) Assembler (pdp-11) Assembler (pdp-8) Assembler (ppc, Darwin) Assembler (sparc) Assembler (TAS) Assembler (VP) Assembler (Win32) Assembler (X1) Assembler (X8) Assembler (z390) Assembler (Z80 Console) Assembler (Z80, CP/M) Assembler (ZX81) Asterisk ats autoHotkey autoIT3 Automator avisynth aw bal basic-picaxe basic. Js noor nsis nxberon. Oberon d Objective-c ocaml Occam Octave omnimark ook openvms opl. Dialog mple oz p parser Pascal Pascal (Windows) Pawn pbasic pdf pearl peopleCode perl Perl 6 Pharo phpgd php picat piet pike pilot pl-sql pl1 Plankalkül Pocket Calculator pop-11 Portugol Postgresql postscript pov-ray powerbasic Powerflex PowerScript Powershell ppl pqn-proc praat proc processing Profan Prograph Progress Prolog Punyforth PureBasic (Console). Hello world in 4D, formerly known as 4th Dimension alert hello world! Hello world in 4Test testcase printHelloWorld print Hello world!

Begin your contribution with a comment in the pays respective language. Real programming languages only please. Click here for a list of all contributors and other sources. Click here for related links. Click here for brief history of the hello world Collection. Support the, kde education Project with our exclusive hello world merchandise — t-shirts, mugs and more! Last update: Jul 01, 2018.

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"Hello world" is the first program one usually writes when learning a new programming language. Having first been mentioned in Brian Kernighan's tutorial to the b programming language, it became widely known through Kernighan ritchie's 1978 book that introduced "The c programming Language", where it read like this: main printf hello, worldn since then, hello world has been implemented. This collection includes 582 Hello world programs in as many more-or-less well known programming languages, plus 78 human languages. The programs in this collection are intended to be as minimal as possible in the respective language. They are meant to demonstrate how to output Hello world as simply as possible, not to show off language features. For patriotism a collection of programs that tell more about what programming in the languages actually is like, have a look at the 99 Bottles of beer collection. The hello world Collection, started in 1994, was compiled with help from many people around the world. It is the biggest collection of Hello world programs on the Internet, and the only one collecting human languages as well. To contribute, send your program.

How to write hello in thai
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  1. Jai thai, restaurant is a small eatery with two outlets at Clover way and Purvis Street. It is my new favourite place to go for cheap and good. An easy to learn list. Thai love phrases to woo the special Thai girl in your life. Includes Thai script video lesson.

  2. Thai for Beginners, benjawan poomsan Becker. An easy to use. Thai language textbook designed for. Say hello in Different Languages. If you want to say hello to everyone on the planet, you would have to learn at least 2,796 languages and greet at least 7 billion people.

  3. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Essential Thai is a complete learning package for those who want to acquire basic working skills in the. Sawatdee ka, the other day when I was queuing to buy a sky train ticket, a tourist asked me for the. That inspired me to write this blog post to show you. Thai money both banknotes and coins. How to say hello and similar general greetings in numerous languages with mp3 audio recordings for some of them.

  4. Thai people and, learn Thai proverbs including an, thai /English proverbs comparison. Learn the meaning. Thai proverbs and listen to the audio. Basic Thai vocabulary, english-, thai dictionary and lots of useful phrases for Thailand tourists and expats. Essential Thai, james Higbie.

  5. A food blog with fast, easy recipes and tasty flavors. The largest collection. Hello, world programs on the Internet. Thai and speak, thai with the, maanii books. The official school manual to learn. Thai language during the 80's and 90's.

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