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xhtml resume

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In addition i also carried out the usual array of qa duties: daily product testing, ad-hoc testing, comprehensive focussed testing, test suite development, test suite review, bug reporting, bug triage, etc. As part of my r d involvement, i was heavily involved in Opera's work with the W3C, representing Opera on various working groups (css, cdf, xbl). In response to growing concern with the direction of the W3c, i managed to get Apple, mozilla and Opera co-operating and coordinated the announcement of the whatwg group. I have been acting as the group's specification editor and spokesman, taking input from the public and continually updating the group's two major proposed specifications in the open. The first whatwg proposal was, web Forms 2, a major update to html4's forms features, intended as a backwards-compatible alternative to W3C's xforms. This draft is mostly stable. The second whatwg proposal, still in heavy development,. Web Applications.0 (now html5 effectively a complete revision of html4 and the related dom specifications, to bring html up to date with requirements for Web-based application development.

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Usability: developing User profiles, Use cases, paper protoype testing, card sorting, User interviews, heuristic evaluation, ssnif analysis. Project Direction: Proven ability and experience to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent situations. Affiliations seminars, part of the ted-ed brain trust community (A private online forum created to shape accelerate teds push into the realm of Education.). Lead a session on "e-learning the future". Infocamp 2011 at Berkeley university,. My work at Opera was divided over two areas, quality assurance and research and development. As part of my qa involvement, i decided to write and run an automated visual regression testing system, which I subsequently pushed to have extended to cover multiple platforms and multiple development branches. This revolutionised the quality assurance process at Opera, since before this time no regular automated testing was performed. I also pushed hard to have strict test case authoring guidelines put in place. Combined with my involvement in the creation of more efficient processes for book handling bugs, this dramatically increased the quality of standards testing at Opera.

Helped develop large-scale multimedia applications for doe as part of a slip public information sharing campaign for the inl. As a consultant, assisted in the development of public relations planning for the department of Energy's inl. Assisted on the management team for the development of a major request for proposals effort for the doe richland Operations Office at Hanford National Laboratory. Education: boise State University. Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Named Top Ten Scholar, magna cum laude with Distinguished Honors. English major, latin Language literature minor). Visual Design: Web interface, logo and photo manipulation. Ability to design various options and styles.

xhtml resume

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Designed, developed and managed direct mail programs, conducting roi analysis. Managed highly-evolved, third-party co-operative marketing campaigns with key industry partners, including Intel, microsoft, nVidia and 3Com. As a press Relations manager, developed integrated press and public relations plan lost to meet corporate marketing communication objectives; developed relationships with regional and national media representatives; planned and organized national press tours. As an Advertising Copywriter, authored local and national radio, newspaper and magazine ads and direct marketing materials, including postcards, brochures, and product catalogs. Jason Associates, llc, technical Writer, multimedia developer. Idaho the falls, id, aug 1995Aug 1996, as a consultant to the department of Energy (doe authored stakeholder involvement communications materials. Assisted in consensus-building activities with stakeholder groups participating in the doe citizen's Advisory board for the Idaho national Laboratory (INL).

Trained team members on maintenance and updated procedures, company css and html style standards and new web-based technologies. Axiom Creative consulting, Inc. Instructional Designer, boise, id, sept 2001may 2004. Designed and authored in-depth, interactive product training materials for Hewlett-Packard's (HP) international sales force in PowerPoint and Adobe Flash. Helped develop promotional and marketing materials for hp printing and imaging products. Mpc corporation, marketing Manager, pr manager, Advertising Copywriter. Nampa, id, aug 1996Jan 2001, as a marketing Communications Manager, managed and maintained the company's international multi-million dollar periodical and newspaper print advertising campaigns.

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xhtml resume

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Designs, develops and maintains sql server Reporting Services (ssrs).net reports. Designs, develops and maintains sql server Integration Services (ssis).net reports. Self-employed developer, front and backend website developer, star,. Jan 2009Aug write 2011, provide custom-designed web sites with back end applications for small businesses. Developed unique, custom-designed web sites for small businesses and organizations. Agile development of backend invoicing, customer management, and business document development systems. Mpc corporation, web Producer, web Copywriter, nampa,.

Sept harmony 2004Dec 2008, designed, developed, and updated web pages and online applications for both the external web site and internal intranet. Integrated web strategies, positioning and messaging with corporate marketing objectives. Managed corporate web search engine optimization efforts. Developed and implemented corporate new media and social networking strategies. Implemented search engine optimization improvement standards across the company's suite of corporate websites. Ensured the company web site met Section 508 usability standards. Diagnosed and resolved errors related to site design and functionality.

Professional Experience: Ada county highway district, web Application developer, garden City,. Aug 2011Present, provide cradle-to-grave oversight of software project management, leading the research, design, development, documentation, testing and rollout of enterprise network and web applications. Configure and maintain web application and database servers. Provide graphical user interface design and multimedia development. Named Staff Member of the quarter October-December 2013. Awarded Sustained Superior Performance award, july 2014.

Lead software engineer of team that won the international 2014 Run Smarter Award for development of leading-edge software suite recognized for increasing operational efficiency and contributing to an ongoing effort to migrate the organization to a more automated and paperless environment. As the organization's first application developer, designed and built from the ground up the organization's entire current custom software platform, including organization intranet, custom. Net-based web applications, and entire redesign of application database infrastructure. Designs applications with complex, built-in business processes. Trained district's webmaster in web server technologies, front end development, advanced css / bootstrap design and development, server-side. Net development, C# programming, javascript, and database solutions. Configure web server and database servers for custom applications and third-party software. Delivered groundbreaking developments such as public-facing, web-based customer and vendor data-entry applications; systems for securely handling electronic funds transfers; and browser plug-ins enabling fail-safe recovery of Internet file transfers. Supports and maintains district's wide ranging, custom Access application suite.

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Mar 20: Python developer at Stroz friedberg, new York, ny created new corporate intranet and evidence tracking system with Django and Plone. Managed staging and production Linux systems for that application. Supported forensics lab via scripting and other automation tasks. Jul 20: Interface Engineer at IconNicholson, new York, ny implemented design mockups as xhtml/CSS/JS webpages. In Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, amherst, ma hobbies/Interests In no particular order: cats, chiptunes, trains, astronomy, martial arts, key lime pie, iron maiden. Proficiencies: Web Design / Web Applications: c visual Basic, Php, javascript, html5, css3, bootstrap, xml/xsl, lingo, tsql, self jquery, dom, python. Servers: iis 8, Apache, operating Systems: Windows 10 (PC) Mac osx (Apple). Content Management Systems / dev platforms: joomla!, wordPress Mojoportal, Sharepoint Laserfiche workflow and Forms Mojoportal. Production: Adobe suite: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Premier, AfterEffects, Encore, audition, soundBooth, Imageready, inDesign, Flash, virtualDub, audacity.

xhtml resume

Centralized logging and log parsing/indexing with Logstash and ElasticSearch. Supported existing in-house deployment and configuration management systems, including custom Fabric development. Participated in troubleshooting and maintenance of production environment. Jul 20: Systems Administrator/developer at Digital Pulp, new York, ny developed client-facing cms and e-commerce web sites on various platforms. Managed, monitored production Web servers for variety of clients. Managed internal services: reviews web, email, calendar, dns, filesharing, scm, bug tracking, networking (lan, multiple wan connections, firewall/gateway, pbx). Installed new internal services: virtualization, monitoring/alerting, networked backups. Wrote Django catalog tool for generating Nagios, bacula and djbdns config files.

oncall escalations paging, etc). Helped promote maintain an engineering-oriented documentation culture. Partook in the production oncall rotation, handling incident response. March 20: Operations Engineer at cbs interactive, san Francisco, ca continued supporting former Whiskey media sites including giant Bomb, post-acquisition. Helped create new development production infrastructure for in-progress rebuild of Whiskey media and cbsi web properties (e.g. Giant Bomb, gameSpot.) Vagrant, fabric, Chef, php-fpm, mysql nginX. Jan 20: Operations Engineer at Whiskey media, san Francisco, ca implemented the following new support systems: Postgresql streaming replication, backups offsite backups. Metrics gathering and monitoring/alerting system using Collectd, Graphite and Nagios, including custom dashboard application.

Maintainer of the, alabaster theme for the popular Sphinx documentation toolkit. Alabaster is the default theme for Sphinx as of version.3. Contributor to a handful of other open source projects, notably. Co-author of the 376-page, python Web development With Django ( m 2008, Addison-Wesley. It essay was in the top ten best-selling Python books on Amazon and other retailers for about a year post-publication, and is still sold today. Member of the, python Software. Skills, programming languages: good at: Python, ruby, unix shell. Okay at: html (including various template languages css (ditto) and. Javascript, have tinkered with: Clojure, have been exposed to: java, c/c, erlang, go, scala, haskell Operating systems: Linux (Debian redHat families) Mac oools: Configuration management: Chef Databases, relational: Postgresql, mysql databases, non-relational: Redis, mongodb logging: rsyslog, logstash mail: Postfix Monitoring metrics: Graphite, nagios Text indexing.

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This is my standard resumé. For additional details on what I seek in a role and/or an essay employer, please see my hiring page. Highlights, python/Ruby engineer since 20, respectively. Unix/Linux sysadmin since 2005. Author and maintainer of, fabric ( fabfile. Org an open-source ssh scripting library written in Python and used by many web developers and system administrators. Involvement began in 2009. Now also the maintainer of Fabrics primary dependency, paramiko ( paramiko. Org ) in addition to spawning a number of other smaller projects related to project management.

Xhtml resume
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  4. problematikou tvorby Xhtml webových stránek prostřednictvím Wysiwyg editorů vytvořených v programovacím jazyce javascript a dalšími. skladeb a scénických děl Talichem dirigovaných, soupis Talichových gramofonových nahrávek, anglické resumé a jmenný rejstřík.

  5. Html, xhtml and css julia. I have worked with Julia since 2008 in my role as sap enterprise security. est l'un des nombreux standards microformats ouvert adaptable pour l'embarquement dans html, xhtml, atom, rss, et le xml arbitraire. Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. with: html, xhtml, xml, xml namespaces, css, dom, http, xbl, and Web apis; Some experience with: svg, rdf, xul, mathml, xforms, xml.

  6. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, OmniGraffle, powerPoint, wordPress, Xhtml, css, and php (tweaks). Jejich recenze a články budou publikovány v polštině s krátkým českým resumé. Celá studie není zdarma přístupná, takže alespoň cituji z resumé : W3C, xhtml.0. The portfolio of Clint Burgess, web-based new media designer and developer. My focus is on brand building, digital illustration, and. Net, php, java, coldFusion, t mvc, active server Pages, c python, json, xml, xslt, rss, javascript, jQuery.

  7. With css, xhtml, xml and jquery, while also implementing css3 and html5; continued use of Adobe Creative suite, and ms visual Studio. Topics range from marketing research. Xhtml, and completing the programs demonstrates your willingness to go the extra mile. Implemented design mockups as, xhtml /CSS/JS webpages. This is my standard resumé.

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